What is the application of Nantong ton bag unpacking machine?

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2022-12-15 18:11

With the rapid development of the economy, the demand for green energy conservation is also increasing. In industrial production, exhaust gas and dust emissions have a certain degree of pollution to the environment. In order to reduce dust emissions and not affect production efficiency, many powder enterprises use Nantong ton bag unpacking machines to provide good assistance for production. Its high degree of automation, fast bag removal speed, and closed transportation can effectively reduce dust leakage. In order to improve the production environment, especially in corrosive and toxic environments, the application of flammable and explosive powders in enterprises provides protection for production.


The body of the Nantong ton bag unpacking machine is sealed, which can effectively prevent powder leakage, especially dust pollution caused by toxic powder during the disassembly process. In addition, the equipment body is equipped with dust removal equipment, which can absorb dust overflowing from the equipment chassis, store it centrally and transport it to the discharge port, meeting environmental dust removal requirements, and preventing material loss and waste.

The Nantong ton bag unpacking machine is precisely designed to solve the problems currently encountered by powder enterprises. This device lifts the bag to the feeding port using a forklift or electric hoist to press the bag. After manually disassembling the discharge port of the bag, open the flow control valve and the accompanying vibration or tapping device to allow the material in the bag to fall into the lower hopper through its own weight. It is a widely used automatic unpacking device. It has highly automated operation capabilities, which can achieve various powder, particle, small piece unpacking operations. In addition, the ton bag unpacking machine is designed to open boxes in a fully enclosed space, so there is no problem of dust leakage.

The Nantong ton bag unpacking machine, as a new type of ton bag unpacking equipment, not only greatly improves the unpacking and unloading efficiency of ton bag materials, but also is equipped with dust removal and adsorption devices, which can effectively solve the problem of dust pollution generated during the material unpacking and unloading process. Mainly used in the fields of plastics, rubber, food, medicine, chemical industry, etc., for the unpacking and unloading of dry powder and granular materials such as plastic resins and food additives.

The use of Nantong ton bag unpacking machine can effectively protect the production environment, reduce workers' work intensity, improve production efficiency, and solve the problem of large bags clumping and difficult to discharge during the unpacking process due to moisture absorption. It is highly praised in the chemical industry.

Design principles for Nantong ton bags:

1. Safety

Safety is a key issue to pay attention to when designing ton bags. This is an important issue that needs to be noted in the design of ton bags, and it is also an important principle of ton bag design.

2. Sealing

In addition to safety, storage, and availability, Nantong ton bags also have an important factor, which is sealing, which is also an indispensable factor for ton bags. For example, powders or toxic substances, as well as substances that are afraid of contamination, have very strict requirements for sealing function, while materials that are simply damp or moldy also have special requirements for airtightness. Therefore, when planning ton bags, attention should be paid to the impact of substrate film covering technology and sewing technology on sealing.

3. Storage

Storage is also a fundamental consideration in the design of ton bags. Storage is an important issue that cannot be ignored when using ton bags.

4. Availability

Availability is not only an important factor to consider, but also an indispensable factor.