Jiangsu Runluan Plastic Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Runluan Plastic Industry Technology Co., Ltd.  is located in the economically prosperous Yangtze River Delta-Jiang'an, Jiangsu Province, facing Shanghai across the river; Xinchang Railway and Ningqi Railway meet here; coastal high-speed and Haishu Expressway runs through the east, west, and north; Nantong Port and Yangkou Hong Kong, Shanghai Port, Sangang Collection, Bailu Battle; Nantong Airport, Hongqiao Airport, Pudong Airport, Yinyan shuttle, ready to fly to the world.

The main products of Jiangsu Runluan Plastic Industry Technology Co., Ltd. are container bags, plastic woven bags, three-composite paper-plastic joints, BOPP color printing, etc. The products are reliable in quality, reasonable in price and considerate in service, so they have been well received and recognized by customers......

Jiangsu Runluang Plastic


Enterprise values: people-oriented, serving customers, and enhancing value



Science and technology promote business, quality first, compliance and trustworthiness, pioneering and enterprising


Establishing a corporate image

We strive to improve product quality, strengthen the development and innovation of new products, and establish a trustworthy brand.


Create market demand

We conduct in-depth research on customer needs and continuously create new market demands based on identifying and grasping potential customer needs.


Improve customer satisfaction

We will provide stable and reliable quality, fast supply cycle, and high-quality after-sales service. We look forward to sincere cooperation with you.