What are the advantages of three composite paper bags

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2022-09-29 14:34

With the demand for environmental protection in the world, this three composite paper bag is gradually entering the right track. So what are the advantages of three composite paper bags? In fact, the product we are talking about today is a new type of packaging bag that is high-strength, high-temperature resistant, moisture-proof, breathable, non-toxic and harmless.


Three composite paper bags are widely used in packaging food, fresh frozen food, starch, Casein, feed, building materials, chemicals, minerals and other industries. Of course, there are many benefits to using it. For example, moisture-proof, because PVA has excellent fluidity and film-forming properties, a thin film will be formed in its inner layer during the pressure composite process, playing a role in composite bonding and moisture-proof. There are many invisible small pores on other surfaces, which can effectively prevent water molecules from entering the three composite paper bags. In addition, it also has high temperature resistance, and its strength is mainly controlled by warp and weft yarns. Due to the fact that vinylon water-soluble yarn has a constant breaking force of 180 degrees per yarn. The ignition point of paper is 183 degrees, so it also has high temperature resistance characteristics. As paper is a kind of non aging plant material with opaque characteristics, the paper inside and outside can effectively protect the paper from aging under ultraviolet radiation, so that the packaging bag has anti-aging characteristics and high strength. It is mainly controlled by both longitude and latitude directions.

Due to the counterclockwise rotation of the weft disc, the inner and outer surfaces of the three composite paper bags will form many triangular mesh structures, greatly increasing the internal stress of the packaging bag and giving it high strength. Three composite paper bags are also anti slip bags, because during the pressure lamination process, many triangular mesh structures are formed on the outer surface of the paper plastic packaging bag, increasing the friction coefficient of the outer surface of the packaging bag. The bag will not slip during the stacking process (up to 40 degrees in height). Plastic Box - The "Internet Plastic" ecological chain integration platform for the food plastic packaging industry aims to protect the environment. Vinylon water-soluble yarn, which has not undergone resin acetal treatment, can dissolve in 80% of hot water to form glue. After soaking, you will find that both the inner and outer layers of the paper can be recycled and made into recycled paper, which will not pollute the environment. In short, you should know that three composite paper bags are a small bulk container that is mainly transported by manpower or forklifts. Convenient for transporting small amounts of loose powder and granular materials. It has the characteristics of high strength, good water resistance, elegant appearance, and convenient loading and unloading. It is currently a popular and practical commonly used packaging material.

After the introduction of the above content, we have also gained an understanding of the advantages of the three composite paper bags. Other knowledge points will continue to be updated in the next issue. If you have time, come and watch it quickly. I believe it can be helpful for you.