Elaborate on the application forms of the wrapped film product

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2019-08-14 16:28

The application field of wrapping film is very wide, mainly used in conjunction with pallets to package scattered goods as a whole, replacing small containers. Due to its ability to reduce the transportation and packaging costs of bulk goods by more than 30%, it is widely used in integrated packaging of various products such as hardware, minerals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, machinery, etc; In the field of warehouse storage, foreign countries also use stretch wrapped film tray packaging for three-dimensional storage and transportation to save space and space.

The use form of winding film:

1. Sealed packaging 1. Sealed packaging

This type of packaging is similar to shrink film packaging, where the film wraps around the tray to wrap it all around, and then two hot grippers heat seal the film at both ends together. This is the early use of wrapping film, which has led to the development of more packaging forms.

2. Full width packaging

This type of packaging requires a film width sufficient to cover the pallet, and the shape of the pallet is regular, so it is suitable for use with a film thickness of 17-35 μ M.

3. Manual packaging

This type of packaging is a simple type of Kunshan wrapped film packaging, where the film is placed on a rack or held by hand, and rotated by the tray or wrapped around the tray. Mainly used for repackaging damaged pallets and regular pallet packaging. This type of packaging is slow and suitable for film thicknesses of 15-20 μ M;

4. Packaging of winding film winding machine

This is a widely used form of mechanical packaging, consisting of a tray rotating or a film rotating around the tray. The film is fixed on a bracket and can be moved up and down. This type of packaging has a large capacity, approximately 15-18 plates per hour. Suitable film thickness is approximately 15-25 μ M;

5. Horizontal mechanical packaging

Unlike other packaging, it is wrapped around a film and is suitable for packaging long goods such as carpets, boards, fiberboards, and shaped materials;

6. Packaging of paper tubes

This is one of the new uses of wrapping film, which is better than using wrapping film for old-fashioned paper tube packaging. Suitable film thickness is 30-120 μ M;

7. Packaging of Small Items

This is a new packaging form of wrapped film, which can not only reduce material consumption but also reduce the storage space of pallets. In foreign countries, this type of packaging was first introduced in 1984, and just one year later, many such packaging forms appeared in the market, which has great potential. Suitable for film thickness of 15-30 μ M;

8. Packaging of pipes and cables

This is an example of the application of Kunshan winding film in a special field. After the packaging equipment is installed in the production line, the fully automatic winding film can not only replace the tape to bind the material, but also play a protective role. Applicable thickness is 15-30 μ M.

9. Stretching form of pallet mechanism packaging

The packaging of wrapped film must undergo stretching, and the stretching forms of pallet mechanical packaging include direct stretching and pre stretching. Pre stretching can be divided into two types: roller pre stretching and electric stretching.

Direct stretching is achieved between the tray and the membrane. This method has a low stretching ratio (about 15% -20%). If the stretching ratio exceeds 55% -60%, it exceeds the original yield point of the film, reduces the film width, and also loses puncture performance, making the film easy to break. And at a 60% elongation rate, the tensile force is still significant, which may cause deformation of light goods.

Pre stretching is completed by two rollers. The two pre stretched rolls are connected together by gear units, and the stretching ratio can vary depending on the gear ratio. The tension is generated by the rotary table. Due to the short distance of stretching and the high friction between the rolls and the film, the film width does not shrink, and the original puncture performance of the film is also maintained. During actual winding, no stretching occurs, reducing the breakage caused by sharp edges or corners. This pre stretching can increase the stretching rate to 110%.

The stretching mechanism of electric pre stretching is the same as that of roller pre stretching, except that the two rollers are driven by electricity, and the stretching is completely independent of the rotation of the tray. So it has stronger adaptability, suitable for light, heavy, and irregular goods. Due to the low tension during packaging, this method has a pre stretching ratio of up to 300%, greatly saving materials and reducing costs. Suitable for film thickness of 15-24 μ M.