Key Environmental Protection Inks for Sustainable Development of Environmental Protection Packaging

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2019-08-14 15:43

Whether it is water-based ink, degradable ink, or UV cured ink, the improvement in the performance of environmentally friendly ink has injected new vitality into the printing and packaging industry. These environmentally friendly products will contribute to the sustainable development of the printing and packaging industry. The growth of the environmentally friendly ink market is accompanied by the packaging industry's efforts to reduce its environmental impact, and the use of environmentally friendly ink and printing technology is also increasing from time to time. Governments around the world have imposed restrictions on the composition of ink through laws and regulations, such as the European Union's standards for packaging compostability. Although these regulations will not currently impose restrictions on important manufacturing countries such as China, they have already brought some pressure to packaging companies in these countries and promoted the development of environmentally friendly ink technology in the Asia Pacific region. Yo Andachong, Director of Communication at Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Japan, predicted in 2010 that with the increasingly strict regulations and increasing public awareness of environmental protection, the market demand for environmentally friendly products will continue to grow. Therefore, the environmentally friendly ink market has experienced continuous growth in recent years and is expected to continue to maintain growth. Persist in growth.