Introduction to container bags

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2022-09-09 13:17

With the rapid development of technology in the world, processing technology has become increasingly familiar and entered people's vision. Green manufacturing is highly valued, and the manufacturing of container bags has also been elevated to a new stage. So what should we pay attention to during the use process?


Container bags, also known as flexible container bags, ton bags, space bags, etc., are a type of container unit tool that can be used in conjunction with cranes or forklifts to achieve container unit transportation. They are suitable for the transportation of bulk powder and granular materials. Container bags are a flexible transportation packaging container widely used for the transportation and packaging of powdered, granular, and loose items such as food, grains, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and mineral products. Developed countries generally use container bags as transportation and storage packaging products.

The full name of container bags is flexible container bags, also known as large bags or ton packaging bags. It is a soft and flexible packaging container. Transport bags. Generally, polypropylene or polyethylene is used as the main raw material, which is extruded into a film, cut, drawn, and then woven, cut, and sewn. The use of this type of packaging is not only beneficial for improving loading and unloading efficiency, but also particularly suitable for packaging bulk powder and granular goods. Advantages. Especially suitable for mechanized operations, it is an ideal choice for storage, packaging, and transportation. It can be widely used for highways, railways, and sea transportation of bulk materials such as cement, fertilizers, sugar, chemical raw materials, and ores. Therefore, in recent years, container bags have been widely used by countries around the world to transport powdery and granular goods. The emergence and use of container bags is a qualitative revolution in the transportation of powdery and granular goods.

The quality of container bags is crucial. Therefore, the international market has its own strict standards for container bag products. The key points of the standard vary. Japan pays attention to details, Australia pays attention to form, and European Community standards focus on product performance and technical indicators, which are concise and concise. The United States and Europe have strict requirements on anti ultraviolet, anti-aging, Factor of safety and other aspects of container bags. Container bags mainly contain blocky, granular, or powdered items, and the physical density and looseness of the contents have significant differences in the overall results. As a basis for judging the performance of container bags, it is necessary to test the product as close to the customer as possible. This is the "standard filling material for testing" written in the standard, making the technical standards as adaptable as possible to the challenges of the market economy.

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