How to make conductive ton bags have anti-static effects

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2022-08-04 10:53

Tonnage bags are a flexible transportation packaging container widely used for the transportation and packaging of powdered, granular, and blocky items such as food, grains, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and mineral products. Container bags are widely used as packaging products for transportation and storage in developed countries, with characteristics such as low price, sturdy and reliable, moisture-proof and sun proof. The existing conductive ton bags do not have the ability to prevent static electricity, but many product packaging currently has the inherent conditions for generating static electricity. In addition, handling, stacking, covering, and other operations in storage are essential, so friction, rolling, and impact between packages are inevitable. The plastic packaging of general goods is prone to static electricity during stacking due to mutual friction, which can cause explosion accidents. The existing container bags have low strength during loading, no stitching at the edges, poor sealing, and are prone to powder leakage, which is not conducive to lifting operations at different heights.


The technical problem we need to solve is to overcome the shortcomings of existing technology, such as lack of anti-static effect, unstable structure, poor sealing, etc., and provide a conductive ton bag with anti-static effect, stable structure, good sealing, and other characteristics. In order to achieve the above objectives, the conductive ton bag has the following technical solution: a conductive ton bag, including a toner bag body. The top center of the toner bag body is equipped with a feeding port, and the bottom center is equipped with a feeding port. The inner wall of the toner bag body is filled with a double-layer bag body, which is sewn and connected to each other; The inner wall of the double-layer bag body is equipped with a pull rod, and the top corner of the ton bag body is equipped with a lifting strap. The top of each sling is sewn with a lifting ring, and packaging tape is installed between each sling; The bottom outer wall of the conductive ton bag is fixedly equipped with a conductive film, which is spirally arranged on the bottom outer wall of the toner bag body. One end of the conductive film extends through the outer wall of the toner bag body to the inner wall of the double-layer bag body and is fixedly connected to the inner wall of the double-layer bag body. Double sided cotton strips are sewn at the sewing positions on the four sides of the toner bag body, and double sided cotton strips are also sewn at the connections between the feeding port, discharge port, and the toner bag body. The four straps are symmetrically installed on the top of the ton bag in a rectangular shape, and the packaging straps pass through the inner walls of the four straps in sequence. The packaging straps are sewn and connected to the corresponding straps. The tie bars are installed at the four corners of the double-layer bag body, and the height of the tie bars is smaller than the height of the double-layer bag body.

Compared with existing technologies, the above-mentioned conductive ton bag has the following beneficial effects: 1. In environments where dust is prone to static electricity and explosion, the conductive film arranged in a circular pattern at the bottom of the toner bag is grounded to prevent flammable sparks, brush discharge, and diffuse brush discharge, ensuring transportation safety; 2. The double-layer pressurized filling arrangement of this conductive ton bag has high strength, leak resistance, and the bag body has tension bars, so the bag body is well formed and the structure is more stable after filling; The double-sided cotton strip is set at the sewing position to prevent powdery, granular, and blocky items from leaking out from the sewing position of the feeding port. Fine powder will not escape from the sewing needle hole, and a lifting ring is formed through the sewing sling part, which facilitates the lifting of equipment at different heights and improves the lifting applicability of the conductive ton bag.