What are the new requirements for the production of paper plastic bags? How can paper plastic bags be environmentally friendly?

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2022-08-22 11:45

Paper and plastic bag manufacturers have stated that modern goods are increasingly showing a trend of diversified development, and more and more enterprises have made improvements to packaging. In supermarkets, various packaging boxes emerge endlessly, which often adds a certain effect to the appearance of products and also brings a certain promotion and impact to the sales team. With the continuous rise of environmental protection trends, more and more paper and plastic packaging bags are entering the market. In order to continuously meet consumers' packaging requirements, plastic packaging bag manufacturers have conducted systematic planning for the quality of new products. What are the new requirements for the production of paper plastic bags? How can paper plastic bags be environmentally friendly? Here's an introduction:


1、 New Requirements for Paper Plastic Bag Production

1. In response to the national slogan of developing environmental protection, plastic bag production enterprises need to do a good job in environmental protection and energy conservation during the production process, and consider production and operation as much as possible from an environmental perspective. Relevant enterprises also pointed out that plastic bags need to comply with national standards and biodegradable standards. For this reason, paper and plastic bag manufacturers have added degradation masterbatches during the production process, which can decompose on their own within a specific time in the natural environment without generating white pollution. This undoubtedly brings benefits and environmental value to production.

2. Prevent illegal production enterprises from cutting corners and discharging pollutants. The country has established an Environmental Protection Monitoring Bureau, and any manufacturer needs to pass the quality inspection of the Environmental Protection Bureau before they can put into production and sales. All indicators of the product meet or exceed national quality standards, and it is a product that conforms to the scientific development concept. It has characteristics such as hygiene, non-toxic, and pollution-free. Plastic bags need to be certified by the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Center and produced by enterprises that have obtained national environmental labeling.

In summary, the strict quality requirements of paper plastic packaging bags are increasingly being valued by manufacturers. I believe that with the continuous development of the environmental protection industry, it will also gain a larger platform for use.

2、 How can paper plastic bags be environmentally friendly?

1. Paper plastic packaging bags have the advantages of convenience, lightness, durability, high plasticity, water and bacteria resistance, low price, and easier recycling. At present, there are no other packaging products that can be compared. The invention of plastic bags has brought convenience and hygiene to human life. The emergence of paper and plastic bags has also reduced food waste, and the antibacterial and mold resistant properties have also protected human health. Paper plastic bags can also replace other packaging materials, such as cans, paper, glass, etc., to reduce energy consumption.

2. In terms of environmental protection, adding a certain amount of additives during the production process reduces the stability of paper plastic packaging and makes it easier to degrade in natural environments.

3. The use of packaging bags has become a major issue of environmental pollution. I hope you can recycle any packaging bags you use to reduce environmental pollution.

The packaging design of paper plastic bags should not only be novel and personalized, but also serve the function of brand communication. If we add promotional and brand information such as brand advertising slogans and core comments in appropriate positions on the packaging, it will have a better promotional effect and directly drive product sales.