Use of container bags

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2022-09-06 13:22

The development prospects of the container bag industry are very promising, as it brings many benefits to the enterprise during use, so it is highly favored by customers. In order to make everyone more familiar with it, understand its daily use, and better bring benefits to the enterprise, we will now talk about some small knowledge points related to the use of container bags, hoping to help more people and make it more beneficial.


Firstly, hang the lifting ring of the container bag symmetrically on the crossbeam of the filling machine, so that the bottom of the container bag is basically in contact with the ground. Then, open the loading port of the container bag, place it in the loading bucket, and use a clamping device to clamp it to avoid dust or particle leakage. Start the filling machine, load the raw materials into the bag from the feeding port, and straighten the bag body before filling. After filling, close the charging port. If using container bags with discharge ports, check if the bottom is securely fastened before filling. Hang the lifting ring of the container bag evenly on the lifting device. According to the type and loading weight of the container bag, forklifts, cranes, etc. can be selected. If a forklift is used to lift the container bag, the shovel plate should be adjusted to the appropriate position, and the container bag should be close to the forklift and not tilt forward. To ensure the balance of the bag center of gravity during lifting, be careful not to hang a single ring. Then, activate the lifting device, slowly lift the container bag to a certain height, and evenly lay it flat on the train (or car) platform. If immediate shipment is not required, it should be neatly and evenly stacked in the workplace. During the lifting and stacking process, it is not allowed to squeeze, tilt or collide with each other.

In principle, after the container is packed, it should be immediately packed and left, but if necessary, it cannot be transported immediately. To avoid material damage, container bags should be stored in the warehouse, and the surrounding environment should be away from water, steam, moisture, and high temperature sources. If stored outdoors, in addition to meeting the above environmental conditions, waterproof tarpaulins should also be covered to avoid direct sunlight. Lift the container bag with a forklift or crane, align it with the mouth of the material trough or other containers, open the lanyard at the bottom of the bag body, and the raw materials can fall down on their own to complete unloading. For disposable container bags, suitable tools can be used to puncture the bottom of the bag at a certain distance to discharge the material. Do not stand under FIBC during lifting and unloading operations.

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