What is the basic knowledge of conductive ton bags

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2022-11-03 20:19

Conductive ton bags are container unit appliances that can be transported using cranes or forklifts. Conductive ton bags are suitable for transporting bulk powders and granular materials, and are widely used for transportation and storage packaging of powder, granular, and block goods such as food, grain, medicine, chemical, and mineral products. Bulk powder materials are one of the common packaging materials with convenient transportation, large volume, light weight, and easy loading and unloading. Below is the basic knowledge of conductive ton bags:


1、 Conductive ton bags have brought convenience to our lives. The following are the specific functions of this product

1. The bag has a simple structure, light weight, small space, and can be stacked for storage.

2. According to the content, the goods can be divided into bulk cargo bags and small packaging cargo bags, which can be used once or recycled.

3. Conductive ton bags can be divided into circular bags, square bags, and U-shaped bags according to their shape.

4. According to the lifting structure, bags are divided into top lifting type, side lifting type, and bottom lifting type.

2、 Product selection precautions

1. When purchasing, the durability and practicality of the ton bag should be checked to determine whether the bag can withstand the weight of the corresponding item.

2. Bag styles are widely used, so different bag styles should be chosen appropriately.

3. The price of bags varies depending on their purpose, and the corresponding product prices also vary. You should check and select the appropriate product before purchasing.

In short, only by selecting the appropriate bag can we meet the quality requirements while reducing economic expenses.

3、 Advantages of conductive ton bags

1. The bag loading and unloading port and sling are equipped with guide wires. At the joint between the bag body and the sling, the sling and loading/unloading port form a conductive network with the bag body. Due to the distance between the bag wires being less than 5CM, the surface resistance of the bag body can be less than 10 ohms, which can prevent and unblock static electricity, improving the safety of using conductive ton bags.

2. The seam of the bag body can also be sewn with a leak proof rope. The inner surface of the bag body can also be equipped with a leak proof layer to block the pores between the suture line and the fabric fibers of the bag body, making it more suitable for the packaging, storage, and transportation of powdered materials without leakage. Conductive fibers are woven into the woven fabric of the conductive ton bag and the feeding pipe in a unidirectional parallel interval. This design allows the conductive bag to generate corona discharge into the atmosphere without grounding, effectively removing the surface static electricity of the conductive bag, and avoiding the trouble of reliably connecting the grounding electrode to the ground to release static electricity in a timely manner through conductive fibers in previous products.

Conductive ton bag: suitable for packaging 500kg-1000kg products, with the addition of inner membrane bags. The conductive ton bag conducts electricity through the grounding of conductive wires woven into the bag cloth and sling. It can effectively remove static electricity generated during loading and unloading, and prevent combustion and explosion. Mainly used for hazardous material packaging in industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It can also provide various inspection certificates, dangerous packaging certificates, and food grade certificates to the ordering party.