How to eliminate the electric charge generated by the friction of conductive ton bags? What is the introduction of conductive ton bags?

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2022-11-22 20:16

Conductive ton bags, also known as soft cargo bags, container bags, space bags, etc., are a type of medium-sized bulk container and also a type of container unit equipment. By using a crane or forklift, container unit transportation can be achieved. It makes the transportation of bulk powder materials convenient, with a large volume, light weight, and convenient loading and unloading, making it one of the common packaging materials. It has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, foldable, small return air space, and low price.


As is well known, conductive ton bags are relatively large plastic packaging bags. Due to its good quality, compared to plastic woven bags, if it is not artificially damaged, there will be no problem with repeated use. How to handle the electric charge generated by the friction of conductive ton bags? What is the introduction of conductive ton bags? Here's an introduction:

1、 Method for handling the electric charges generated by friction of conductive ton bags

In the past, we discussed how the charges on container bags were generated. Since we know how it is generated, we can take corresponding measures to remove static electricity. Generally speaking, the reason why conductive ton bags are easy to conduct electricity is because there are wires on top, which have the same shape as regular container bags. Place the wires at the bag mouth, and then we will find a breakthrough point here, which is to wrap the wires with non-conductive insulators to isolate contact with external electrical sources, making it easy to remove static electricity. As for how to wrap conductors, as long as non conductors that are not easily scratched are used, there are no strict standards, but we usually use the method of wrapping plastic films.

2、 Introduction to conductive ton bags

1. Manufacturing materials

The raw material for conductive ton bags is polypropylene, which is the main raw material. After mixing some stable raw materials evenly, the plastic film is melted and extruded by an extruder, cut into silk, then stretched and heat set to prepare high-strength and low elongation PP precursor. Then, the base fabric of plastic woven fabric is made by spinning and coating, and sewn with accessories such as slings to form ton bags.

2. Hazards of conductive ton bags

When using ton bags of products or when there are flammable and explosive materials in the working environment where the materials and products are loaded, such ton bags are prone to dangerous accidents such as electrostatic ignition and explosion.

3. Applicable scope of conductive ton bags

According to CLC and IEC standards, anti-static conductive ton bags are widely used. In addition to using substances with low ignition energy in the workplace, it is also necessary to use anti-static conductive ton bags.

Due to the ability of conductive ton bags to prevent static electricity, it ensures the production safety of enterprises using ton bags in China and avoids safety accidents, which is beneficial to both the country and the people.