What are the precautions and methods to slow down the aging rate of conductive ton bags during the design process?

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2022-12-05 11:07

The conductive ton bag adopts a polyolefin resin wire drawing and weaving process. After coating, it is cut into cylindrical or sheet shaped substrates of different sizes and sewn into circular or square bag shaped products according to design requirements. As an export packaging, it ensures that the exported goods are in a loading and unloading state during transportation and storage, effectively protecting the loaded and unloaded goods, and transporting them to their destination in good condition. Below is an introduction to product design considerations and methods to slow down the aging rate of products:


1、 Product design considerations

1. Security

Safety is an issue that needs to be taken into account in product design, and it is also an important principle to pay attention to when designing conductive ton bags.

2. Custody

Storage is also a fundamental issue that needs to be noted in product design. When using this product, storage is an important issue that cannot be ignored.

3. Availability

Availability is an important factor that products need to consider.

4. Tightness

In addition to safety, conductive ton bags can be safely stored. Another important factor in usability is sealing, which is also an indispensable factor.

5. Packaging volume should also be considered in the design. The carrying capacity and packaging unit (quantity) should also consider the transportation distance and handling frequency, as well as the type of transportation method and method that should be used. GB/T strictly specifies the technical indicators of the bottom fabric and sling of the product in the relevant standards of 10454-2000 conductive ton bags. From the perspective of safety, the product structure is bottom lifting structure, and the Factor of safety reaches 1:6

2、 The aging of conductive ton bags is mainly caused by solar ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation leads to the degradation of polypropylene, resulting in reduced tension, pulverization, and fading of conductive bags. Below is an introduction to how to slow down the aging rate of products during the production process:

1. Structural planning

When planning the product structure, the waist hoop strength specified in relevant specifications should be greater than twice the strength of the base fabric, but the planning effect is not good because the strength of the base fabric and waist hoop is inconsistent, leading to the base fabric cracking first. In the planning, the belt and substrate should be made of the same strength as the raw material of the substrate to prevent this problem.

2. Filling additives to extend service life

In order to improve the anti-aging ability of plastic conductive ton bags in the sun, a certain amount of anti purple agent and stabilizer should be added in the drawing process. According to the service life of conductive ton bags (half a year or one year), it is usually increased by 0.1-3. Some companies have added stabilizers. The anti-aging masterbatch made by mixing the anti purple agent with other additives has good effect.

The use of conductive ton bags is to determine the scope of use and packaging items when determining the structure. The aging resistance of the suture and the influence of the suture on the tensile strength of the base cloth are factors that need to be considered when making conductive ton bags. A complete product, including base cloth, sling, mouth cloth and sewing thread, shall meet the anti-aging requirements.