What is the sterilization method for paper plastic bag factories?

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2023-02-06 11:36

What is the sterilization method for paper plastic bag factories?

Sterilization method, sterilization process and post sterilization treatment shall be carried out in strict accordance with the Sterilization Technical Specifications issued by the Ministry of Health of the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China.

A. Steam sterilization

1. The sterilization condition of the low-pressure steam sterilizer with the sterilization bag is 102.9 kPa, the temperature reaches 121 ℃, the sterilization time is 30 minutes, and regular biological monitoring is carried out.

2. The sterilization conditions of the pre vacuum pressure steam sterilizer sterilization bag are 205.8 kPa, the temperature reaches 134 ℃, the sterilization time is 4 minutes, and biological monitoring is conducted regularly.

B. Ethylene oxide sterilization method (ETO)

The sterilization bag is also suitable for ETO ethylene oxide sterilization. You can also choose packaging materials for other sterilization methods.

C. Sterilization method (FM)

Medical paper plastic bags are also suitable for disinfection. Anqing Paper Plastic Bag Material Co., Ltd. developed color change indicator ink as early as 2008 and applied it to actual color change recognition.

How to use medical paper plastic sterilization packaging bags

1. Put clean and dry medical devices and items into a sterilization bag.

2. Remove the double-sided tape on the opening tongue and close the bag mouth (self sealing bag); Or use a hot press sealing machine to seal the bag opening (roll bag).

3. During the sterilization period, sterilization bags and medical devices should be placed in pressure STEAM STEAM sterilization equipment or ETO ethylene oxide sterilization equipment and sterilized according to conventional methods.

4. Mark the sterilization time, content, purpose, and other information to confirm that the sterilization process indicator has changed color.

5. Place it in a dry, dark, and clean place for future use.

6. When needed, tear open the paper plastic bag, remove the medical equipment and items inside, and then use them. At this time, the equipment and items are sterile.

Suggestion for using medical paper plastic bags

After standard sterilization, sterilization equipment and items stored in sterilization bags should be stored in a qualified environment. Under appropriate temperature, humidity, and cleanliness, it is recommended to use it within 6 months after STEAM high-temperature and high-pressure steam sterilization; It is recommended to use it within 24 months after ETO ethylene oxide sterilization.

2. Before use, check the integrity of the sterilization bag. If damaged, do not use it.

According to the EN868 storage standard, the shelf life of medical sterilization packaging bags is three years.

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