What is a paper plastic bag?

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2023-02-24 13:29

Paper plastic bags, also known as three in one composite paper bags, are small bulk containers that are mainly transported by manpower or forklifts per unit. It is easy to transport small volume powder particle materials, with high strength, good water resistance, beautiful appearance, and convenient loading and unloading. It is a popular and practical universal packaging material. With the improvement and development of technology, paper plastic bags have been increasingly widely used: paper plastic composite bags can be used in various fields such as industrial packaging, food packaging, electronics, aerospace, technology, and military industry. Paper plastic composite bags - Composite plastic woven bags are made of plastic woven bags (referred to as cloth) as the substrate and cast through adhesive tape (cloth/film composite material is 2-in-1, and cloth/film/paper composite material is 3-in-1). Mainly used for packaging solid materials and flexible items, such as fertilizers, synthetic materials, grains, salts, minerals, and other powder or granular materials. Medical paper plastic bags are also known as medical sterilization paper plastic bags or medical disinfection tube bags in the industry.

Medical sterilization paper plastic bags are a type of packaging used for sterilization of medical devices in factories, hospital disinfection centers CSSD, supply rooms, operating rooms, and dental departments, as well as for the preservation of medical devices after sterilization. It is a new, effective, and safe sterilization packaging product for medical devices. In short, it is made of paper and film through heat sealing, different from ordinary plastic packaging; The paper used is medical dialysis paper that can be used for analyzing ethylene oxide, as well as medical grade paper that is easy to dialysis. After sterilization, it can be opened without any paper scraps falling off or clean peeling. The membrane of the sterilization bag is a medical grade composite membrane. The exterior of paper is usually printed with simple designs and medical colors. Usually, two colors of color change indication information are printed. Usually there are steam sterilization indicators (steam), ethylene oxide (ETO), and formaldehyde (FM)

Features of medical disinfection bags:

1. Good safety; Compared with ordinary sterilization materials, medical sterilization bags have excellent sterilization safety and excellent sterilization function after dialysis sterilization. The paper surface of sterilization bags is generally less than 35 nanometers, which is the physical barrier between microorganisms and spores. Moreover, after disinfection, it can be stored for a long time, reducing the work efficiency of the hospital disinfection center and various departments, as well as human and material costs.

2. Easy to manage: The sterilization bag is equipped with a color changing indicator light, which can clearly distinguish the sterilization situation. Compared with ordinary medical corrugated paper and non-woven fabric packaging, the visibility of medical film greatly improves the efficiency of hospital distribution of medical devices.

3. Waterproof and tear resistant; The sterilization bag is made of medical dialysis grade paper and has good water vapor resistance, which can withstand a dripping test of 8-10 seconds. The surface of paper and film has high strength and toughness, and can withstand the piercing force of sharp tools.

4. Product shape: there are double side adhesive tape self sealing medical disinfection bags, and there are roll medical disinfection tube bags sealed by sealing machine.