The characteristics and uses of three composite paper bags

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2022-10-25 15:36

The development prospects of the three composite paper bag industry are very promising, as it brings many benefits to the enterprise during use, so it is highly favored by customers. In order to help everyone understand it more, let's talk about the characteristics and uses of the three composite paper bag. I hope to bring help to more people.


Three composite paper bags have good shading properties and can provide sun protection; Very good freshness, which can preserve food and ensure its taste; In addition, the three composite paper bags also have a moisture-proof effect, protecting items from the influence of humid air. In addition to what you can see, some triple composite paper bags also have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and steaming resistance, which is convenient for heating some food in our daily life and harmless to our body; So what everyone needs to know is that some of its composite packaging bags are also frost resistant and will not cause damage even when frozen at low temperatures; Of course, another characteristic is puncture resistance, very sturdy, and not easily punctured With the characteristics of convenient transportation, high strength, Korean style, and easy handling, it is a popular and practical ordinary packaging material. If you have any questions, you can call us at any time to inquire. You can access the official website to see the contact information, and you can also consult online personnel. We will help everyone solve some problems with quotation methods.

The inner layer of the three composite paper bag can be made of various Kraft paper, plastic film, aluminum and other materials. In addition, it also has the characteristics of high strength, tear resistance, impact resistance, triple composite paper bag moisture resistance, impact resistance, high cost, and high production efficiency. During production, it is also mainly made of plastic and Kraft paper. Usually, PP plastic layer polypropylene (PP) is used as the base material to weave cloth, Kraft paper and specially refined Kraft paper. The adhesive layer formed by the paper made of melt plastic thermosensitive film Kraft paper is bagged with cloth bags and processed into paper plastic bags. When understanding, it can also be seen that with the continuous improvement and development of the three composite paper bag technology, it has also been widely applied. For example, in the fields of industrial packaging, food packaging, electronic products, aerospace, technology, etc. More and more production processes are emerging endlessly. The production of three composite paper bags is very extensive, but it also brings a lot of convenience to our lives. Of course, our company's products can still meet these needs, and we also welcome the establishment of long-term cooperative relationships with friends from all over the country. After all, it is well-known in this industry, with reasonable prices and guaranteed quality. You will definitely not be disappointed.

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